About Us

Guardian Angel School is a K-6 Catholic Elementary School located at 20 Aspen Hills Drive SW. The school office is now open for registrations so please call or stop by our office to inquire. Our phone number is 403-500-2111.

Please check our website regularly for school updates. You can also find important dates listed on our school calendar. Just click on the calendar section or navigate back to the home page by clicking on our school name at the top. Important dates to note are listed along the bottom left of our home page.

Meet the Guardian Angel Staff


Meet Mr. Dorin, Contact 

Assistant Principal 
Meet Ms. Hillaby, Contact

Office Staff

Administrative Assistant 
Meet Ms. Erin, Contact

Office Assistant, Educational Assistant & NHA 
 Meet Ms. Carla, Contact  

Kindergarten Teacher

Division I Teachers (Grades 1-3)

Division II Teachers (Grades 4-6) 

Grade 4
Meet Mr. DeFreitas, Contact

Meet Mr. Osiowy, Contact

Grade 5
Meet Ms. Harvey, Contact

Meet Ms Aitken, Contact

Grade 5/6                                                                                 Meet Ms. Mundt, Contact 

Grade 6
Meet Ms. May, Contact 


Diverse Learning Coordinating Teacher 

Learning Commons Librarian 

Meet Ms. Rideout


Support Staff 

Ms C Koch Gagliardi -Office Assistant/EA 

Ms G Cordovez - EA/Noon Hr

Ms C Valdebenito - EA/Noon Hr

Ms N  Awad  - EA/Noon Hr

Mr K Martinuk -Noon Hr